Decorating Ideas for Summer

Decorating Ideas for Summer

by Greg Johnson

As summer rolls around, so does the season of home improvement projects. With warmer weather comes more opportunity for updating the home. For customers looking to give their home a facelift or just freshen up the space, planning keeps home renovations from turning into home renovation nightmares. These home improvement project approved tips will help turn renovation dreams into reality!

Start Early

Allow time to plan for your project. Keep in mind that the greatest enemy of a successful renovation is the last-minute fiascos. We suggest starting your design planning process three to six months before the actual renovation. During this time, it is recommended to know your inspiration. Pull images of your dream space and create a binder or boards on Pinterest or Houzz. Take stock. What do you love or hate about your space now?” Keeping these tips in mind, move on to making a budget and start putting your ideas to reality for the project.

Define Your Space

Your home is the heart of your everyday living. You should Define your space. Select a different type of flooring and paint colors that you can see throughout the rest of the house.” Opting for different materials and colors in your kitchen, like any of the new and innovative products in tile or luxury vinyl tile can create this effect. Similar results can come from picking a different color of the same material. Switching from dark wood to lighter blondes can transform a space into a haven within the home. All these ideas will help customers find the perfect look for their space. There are so many options ranging in style and functionality, we really believe after researching anyone can have there is the right look for everyone.

Open Up Your Dream Space with Simple Tricks

Whether you’re working with a small space or just want your space to feel more open, there are easy updates you can make. It’s as easy as “picking the right colors.” we recommend going for a monochromatic color scheme, colors in the space also add to the open feel. When opting for a monochromatic color scheme it doesn’t have to be boring! By picking different finishes and textures for cabinetry, flooring, and walls you can create an interesting and stylish space.

Make It Yours

When considering updating your dream space you can always start simple and do something like a facelift. Maybe start in the kitchen or bathroom and let it mirror the style of your home and reflect your personality. Highlight architectural features unique to the house or the era it was built in. Add hardware or accessories to be become the accents of your space. It can set the tone and add personality to your space, so pick hardware and lighting fixtures that speak to you.

Shop Local and All Dreams Become Reality

The best ideas and sources are usually at our fingertips or right under our nose. There are many sources for supporting your home improvement projects in and around your hometown. Shop Local and use the expertise at small businesses for flooring, painting, hardware and home décor needs.

Submitted by Greg Johnson, Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home. Written by Designer Rebecca Hay, Writer and designer for Carpet One Floor & Home Corporate.

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