“Fall” into Budget Design Hacks

“Fall” into Budget Design Hacks

by Greg Johnson

Everyone wants the high-end look, but all too often their budget falls short of those lofty goals. When designing a home, budget is only one part of the picture. A beautiful interior is all about layering in some color, creativity, and the proven tricks of the trade to get that designer look for less.

Here’s how:

Color is the most powerful tool in any designer’s arsenal. You can use color to make a big impart on a small budget. Painting a feature wall in a rich, dramatic hue is a great way to draw focus and an air of opulence for the low cost of a can of paint. For color without the commitment, infuse a hot hue into your home through artwork, accessories and pillows. This is a smart way to stay on top of the trends without going into the red.

Another important trick of the trade when it comes to budget is knowing when and where to splurge. That’s right! Even the most frugal makeovers benefit from some key upgrades. Flooring and counter-tops make a big impact on a space the occupy a large visual area. In these cases, it’s generally worth splurging on something you really love. The same applies to cabinets in the kitchen and tile in the bathroom. That being said, there are varying degrees of “splurges,” so it can pay to do your research.

When choosing your finishes think ahead and consider their staying power. If you’re doing a big and costly renovation, you want your choice to last. Simple, crisp lines and classic details have longevity, and they will remain a great asset to your home for many years to come, regardless of what’s trending next season.

Kitchens and bathrooms that use a lot of neutral tones offer a wide appeal and are easy to compliment with accessories. Custom color can cost big bucks, and a choice that is too bold or brash risks offending potential buyers on resale. You can never go wrong with a classic white palette – especially when it comes to maximizing your dollars on a big-ticket renovation.

Have you ever noticed that the most luxurious homes seem to be custom-finished, with every piece fitting just so? When completing your space, you can achieve this look by being selective and considering the scale of those selections. Properly sized furniture will give your home that made-to-measure look without breaking the bank.

Whether your home is large or small, remember that it all comes down to the details. Give it that thoughtfully tailored look with a carefully picked collection of art, mirrors or accessories. They don’t have to be expensive or “rare,” but they must be things you love. Every detail counts, don’t leave anything overlooked.

Submitted by Greg Johnson, Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home. Written by Designer Rebecca Hay, Writer and designer for Carpet One Floor & Home Corporate.

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