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Who is the Wayne WOMAN?

She is smart, savvy, fashionable and fun. She is a businesswoman, a mother and a community leader. She supports the arts. She works hard, plays hard and lives life to the fullest. She is empowered and entertaining.

Wayne WOMAN magazine brings you the very best of what being a woman is all about. Meet the movers and the shakers, visit the best restaurants and shops, and read about topics that effect both your business and personal life.  Say hello to the women who make a difference in our community as well as the women behind some of the city’s most influential people. Find fabulous tips on being a mom, fashion, home decorating, fitness, cooking, and so much more.

The Wayne Woman knows who she is and what she wants. So who is Wayne WOMAN? She is you.


As the only woman magazine for Wayne County, Wayne WOMAN is the preferred targeted channel to reach professional and influential women, ages 25-54+. In our pages, women are learning about and then discussing what enriches their lives and empowers them to be more successful. Every issue delivers useful and engaging content that matters most to Wayne women. By reflecting our readers’ unique and diverse personalities, Wayne WOMAN gives a voice in the conversation of living a good and more fulfilling life in Wayne County.


The stories you read in our publication are inspiring and relevant to your lifestyle. Our upscale magazine covers health and wellness, finances, fashion, home, garden and much more. Bimonthly Wayne WOMAN delivers unique content about your local community.

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