Welcome Spring and Family-Focused Tips for the Home

Welcome Spring and Family-Focused Tips for the Home

by Greg Johnson

Spring is a common time of year to refresh, renew and share helpful tips and advice for the family- friendly home, where life is generally a little messier and little less organized. With the help of professional interior designers, and local retailers here are some compiled tips to help inspire a renewed sense of order and organization this spring season.

Entryway Organization

With spring comes cleaning, and as a home’s first impression, there’s no better place to start than the entryway or mudroom. A common dumping ground for coats, shoes, sporting equipment, and other everyday odds and ends, a spring-inspired organizational sweep of this pivotal space can yield lasting results. Recommendations are to incorporate these essential elements:

• Baskets: An aesthetically-pleasing way to stay organized, baskets are an entryway essential. Add customizable labels to each basket, and organization becomes perfectly suited to each season.

• Storage: Custom storage solutions in a mudroom make a world of difference, and with flexible track and rail systems like those offered by Rubbermaid, shelving or storage space can be custom-suited to your needs and adjusted when needed.

• Hooks: The simple, yet essential accessory that’s a mudroom must-have. Classic or creative, stand-alone or wall-mounted, the style options are seemingly endless.

Bedroom Design for a Growing Tween

As children approach the realm of “tweendome,” they begin to outgrow the playful – often themed – bedroom designs they once cherished. Instead, they start to desire a space that describes as “a space of their own, a place of comfort, and an extension of their personality.”, please see the following tips to create a bedroom fit for a tween:

• Select an Inspirational Starting Point: Find a design element the tween loves and use that as the inspiration and starting point for the entire room. This will ensure the space is aesthetically cohesive, yet also captures their personality.

• Create Zones: A successful room layout for a tween room involves creating several zones: a zone for sleeping, studying, dressing, hanging out, and displaying prized possessions.

• Use Storage to Showcase Interests: Simple shelving or storage cubes are the perfect way to keep personal items organized and showcase interests through a display of collectibles.

Laundry Room

With family comes laundry: lots and lots of laundry. Combat the necessary evil that is laundry day by creating a space that’s both stylish and highly-functional. Taking inventory of everything that you may need for basic laundry activities (detergent, softener, baskets etc.), will ensure there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. In addition to taking into account everything needed for basic laundry activities, we offer these tips for a successful laundry space:

• Keep It Light: Keep the mood bright by adding a sun-tunnel or additional window to ensure enough overall ambient and task lighting.

• Go Bold with Design: Laundry rooms are a great place to try out the latest design trends you’ve been coveting. Go bold with color, try out different hardware, and play with patterns to express yourself.

• Custom Considerations: From the simple addition of hanging rods to custom millwork, it’s important to consider any and all functionalities your family may require of this space.


When designing an ideal space where all members of the family can feel comfortable, it makes sense to start from the bottom. Finding a floor that will look good and work hard for your family is easier than one might think. From puppy accidents to kid messes, today’s flooring is built to withstand all members of the household. We recommend these three flooring considerations:

• Waterproof Carpet: Brands that revolutionary waterproof construction, are easy to clean, and are exceptionally durable. Another option is brands that feature ground-breaking stain protection, ultra-durable construction, and an NO Exclusions Stain Warranty.

• Luxury Vinyl: Today’s luxury vinyl flooring products incorporate all the natural beauty of organic woods, without the accompanying hassle of hardwood flooring. Vinyl flooring that is strong, soft and warm to the touch, and boasts a revolutionary construction that offers unmatched protection against daily scratches and stains.

Meanwhile, some offer Vinyl collections that are 100% waterproof from top to bottom.

• Pet Protect: For those that love hardwood flooring, adding on an extra layer of protection with area rugs for rooms and carpet runner for stairs is essential. Not only will this protect your hardwood against the daily wear and tear from your four-legged family members but can also provide some relief for elderly pets that might experience trouble with traction on hard surfaces.

A stylish home is great, but one that’s stylish, functional, and suited to the family it serves is even better.

Submitted by Greg Johnson, Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home. Written by Designer Rebecca Hay, Writer and designer for Carpet One Floor & Home Corporate.

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